I help you to organise the eco conscious retreat of your dreams through support with research and logistics.

If you found the way to my page, this means you envision organising a retreat that goes the extra mile.

You do not only want to deliver a life-changing experience to your clients, but also have a positive impact on the environment and community of the place you want to stay.  A place with a story that is 100 % aligned with your values and those of your ideal clients.

But you struggle to make this dream a reality because of:


a lack of time to conduct research and set up all the logistic


little knowledge on sustainable accommodation and activities


limited research skills on where to find alternatives that align with your values

Don’t worry, I am here to help you

Select Sustainable Accommodation

that fits the values and needs of your retreat.

Find Meaningful Activities

that build connections with local social or ecological projects or activities.

take care of the logistics

so you can focus on your clients.

Together we can co-create eco conscious retreats or trips around the world that have a transformative impact on both your audience AND your destination.

Ready to get started with planning your eco conscious retreat or trip?

I'm giving you a FREE e-book covering all the aspects you need when you want to set up a retreat that is sustainable. So you can make sure it has a positive impact on both your destination and your audience.

Hi there!

I’m Yana – a Belgian semi-nomadic adventurer and foodie.

As a traveller with a passion for sustainability, I worked in development aid and conducted research on the development of sustainable tourism on multiple continents.

I know it might seem hard to organise the retreat you envision in a sustainable way, but it is possible to have a positive impact on both your destination and your clients.

I’m here to help you organise your eco conscious retreat while you can focus on your clients without having to worry about a lack of time to conduct research or limited knowledge about sustainable alternatives.

You deserve to feel supported and empowered while bringing the eco conscious retreat that you dream about to live.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

--- Gandhi

The ripple effect you create might have a bigger impact than
you can imagine right now!


Read what our happy customers have to say! 


"Working with Yana was great! I was in the beginning stages of creating my month long travel while you work program for socially conscious entrepreneurs. From our first meeting, she made it easy. She got all the details from me that she needed and ran with it. I highly recommend Yana for any project you might have."

Jovanni Casaus, The Wander Working Experience

Ready to get started with planning your eco conscious retreat?

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