You want to create a transformative retreat and you care about sustainable alternatives, but you don't know where to start?

Let me be your guide!


If you clicked through until here, this means you are ready to move forward with the retreat you envisioned for so long.

You dream of creating that transformative experience for your clients, but you are also aware of the devastating effects that tourism has on the environment and local communities.

The truth is that you can turn your retreat into a catalyst for sustainable development.

Whether you’re looking for a zero-waste hotel in the city centre or a secluded bamboo lodge, sustainable options are – sometimes hard to find, but- limitless!

You want to:

Make informed choices.

Be sure that everything is 100 % aligned with yours and your clients values on sustainability.

Find a place that exactly matches the needs for the retreat or trip that you are dreaming to create.

BUT before you can do that, you have to overcome challenges that might be preventing you from taking action, like:

You feel overwhelmed by the amount of work it will take to get it all done.

You fear financial risks or burdens (what if I will not find enough participants?).

You love travel and care about sustainability, but ecotourism is not your expertise, so you don’t know how to get started.

That’s why I am here to help you!

I help you organise the eco conscious retreat that you envision. I guide you through the planning phases with an easy-to-follow plan.

First we dig into the vision, values and vibe of your eco conscious retreat. I research and organise the accommodation and – if so desired – the activities. Then we move from research to reality as I take care of the logistics to make your event come to live.

With me as your personal support system, you will


not have to do it all on your own.


not feel overwhelmed with the majority of options.


not have to become an expert in sustainability.

Instead you will:

Save time & Money

Be able to focus on your own talents/zone of expertise and expertise.

Have clarity and guidance on how we move forward step-by-step.

You can sit back and relax as your dream event is taking shape.

This if for you, if ...

You have a consistent client base and want to add a new layer to your services

You want to finally realise your dream of creating a transformative experience for your clients that moves beyond individual sessions or programs

You want to bring your passion and your love for travel together in a holistic format

This is not for you, if ...

you are just starting out as a new coach

You are not having a consistent client or follower base yet

You have no passion for sustainability

With our thoughts we make the world

- Buddah

Frequently Asked Questions

I like some of the features in the packages you offer, but I’d like to add a few other things. Is it possible to customize the service according to my most pressing needs?

Yes, as it is a personal service we can customize according to your needs or desires. During our discovery call we’ll dive into this and decide on the best way to work together.

Sustainable accommodation sounds good, but what about emission from airplanes as I travel?

There are different options here. We can look at either Greenseat or an NGO that plants trees for every flight that is taken, to compensate the emission. Alternatively, we can look at overland travel as well and find accommodation near you.

I am just starting out as a coach, and I think a small event could be a creative way for people to get to know me. Do you offer a service for smaller events too?

Yes. Determination and creativity are good motivators, and there is a format for every idea.

I dream to organise eco conscious retreats of trips one day, but I don't feel ready yet. Is there something I can do before working with you?

I encourage you to follow my blog or newsletter. It will provide you with a lot of information on sustainable retreats as well as insights from other coaches like you who took a leap of faith. In short, you'll get to know me and what I could mean for you.

What makes your method different to the approach of others in the retreat planning sector?

There are a few retreat planning services out there. Most of them focus on yoga and (almost) none of them focus on sustainability and having a positive impact on your clients and your destination. As sustainability is the core of my method, I can design any type of retreat. These can range from work, educational and yoga retreats to nature experiences, business trips and much more.

I still have some questions left, can I ask them before I schedule a strategy call?

Of course, I'd love to help you out. Please send over your questions using the contact form on my website. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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