Eco hotspots are everywhere: these 10 destinations prove it

Worldwide people are doing passionate efforts to create eco hotspots that care for people and the planet.

I admit, when I think of eco-friendly places and retreats, my mind wanders to exotic destinations like Bali or Costa Rica. They are simply most often advertised due to their exotic vibes that make us dream.

However, these famous sustainable tourism destinations are only the tip of the iceberg. Do you consider only one of these places for your next retreat? Then you are is actually paying disrespect to all the other wonderful destinations out there. To prove it, I’ll show you examples that eco hotspots really exist everywhere.

With climate change issues garnering more and more attention, various regions or even countries are putting sustainable practices on the top of their agenda.

Everywhere, conscious people are putting in love, sweat and effort to create magical places. Their goal is to help you to restore and to reconnect with your (true) self. Climate change issues are garnering more and more attention. This results in various regions or even countries putting sustainable practices on the top of their agenda.


Organisations like Green Destinations and Ethical Traveler monitor destinations and rank them according to various sustainable and ethical standards.

Ethical Traveler highlights countries that are making great progress in improving human rights and social welfare as well as environmental protection.

Green Destinations, on the other hand, puts emphasis on responsible, economically and environmentally sustainable tourism management in countries worldwide.

Inspirational Shortlist

Let me inspire you with this selection of ten examples from both databases. I specifically chose them to show you that regardless of where you live, you don’t need to travel across the globe to a sustainable destination for your next retreat.

1. Azores, Portugal

2. Gozo, Malta

3. South Limburg, the Netherlands

4. Ljubljana, Slovenia

5. Volcanos National Park, Rwanda

6. Okovango Delta, Botswana

7. Veil, Colorado, USA

8. Mongolia

9. Bali Barat National Park, Indonesia

10. Lake Tota, Colombia

Consciously choose places like the ones mentioned above for your next retreat. This way you’re supporting the work that they are doing and increasing their means through your expenses on location.

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